Candid Wedding Photographers in Delhi

iMomentsVideo is capturing real moments to help the couple remember how they actually felt on their wedding day. The emotions… Genuine expressions… Heartfelt moments… The fun & frolic…Serious dance moves… It’s more natural, honest with least intervention and set-up poses… We observe, we anticipate and are spontaneous enough to be able to freeze time for you! Our style of photography is to capture the essence of the wedding through beautiful visuals. We carefully choose the moments to capture, mostly candid, in a manner that would help in telling your story. Apart from shooting the rituals, we shadow the bride, groom, close family and friends throughout the celebrations. We like to get to know the bride, groom beforehand and get introduced to the close family members so that we know whom to focus on.

Our lead photographer spends some time alone with the couple and takes some formal portraits after they are dressed and ready for their big day! However, if you want a fun & informal couple photo shoot, we recommend that you allot a separate day when you can be more relaxed and get more time with your photographer. All said and done, we also understand the importance of formal family portraits on the wedding day. This gets difficult to organize because immediate family is always running around doing errands or attending guests. Sometimes everyone just forgets to get together for that family photograph which you will definitely hang on your wall. So a sibling/cousin can be given the responsibility to make sure that everyone takes out time for the perfect family portrait.

If a formal stage meet & greet reception is planned and you want separate photographs with all your guests, we get traditional photographers to take them. Photography means painting with ‘light’ and for a photograph to be perfect the lighting has to be perfect! We love shooting in ambient light, i.e., without shining bright flashes in your face, which tend to flatten any photograph and the candid moment is lost. If we can incorporate good lighting in the décor itself that will save you from those horrifying umbrella lights and other such ugly lighting elements that will ultimately ruin your décor as well as your photographs. We like to have a word with your wedding planners / decorators and be personally involved in the lighting process.

After the wedding, within 3-4 weeks we go through the entire screening process for images which helps us delete the repetitive, out of focus or blurry shots. After selecting the best shots, we sit and post process all of them. We finally deliver color corrected, ready to print photographs on a DVD.