Wedding Cinematography

iMoments leading wedding videographer in Delhi- Having filmed over 100 weddings means we can be intuitive, flexible, self reliant and instinctive in capturing all the action as it unfolds. There is only one shot to capture your special day, and no second chances, so you really want someone who is a master at their game in charge of capturing your wedding. When you watch our videos, pay close attention to the care that we take with adding emotion simply through how our camera glides through scenes, try to catch the subtleties of storytelling that shape the chapters of this film, and listen closely to the words being spoken. We offer a high level of craftsmanship in creating a product that lasts forever, etched on your mind & creating lasting memories. It fills us with great joy to see the emotional impact our films have on our clients when they watch them for the first time.

Wedding Videography Deliverables :

Cinematic Teaser of 3-5 mins best to share with your friends & family
Full length videos of around 30-45 mins of each function
RAW Videos of your entire events, so that you can yourself create videos in future when you want

Wedding Videographer Styles

Cinematic Style
Cinematic style is shot much like a movie is: with interesting angles and close-up shots punctuated by wide-angle shots, all shown in real-time. This gives your video a spontaneous, modern, in-the-moment feel. A mix of color and black-and-white footage adds glamour to this timeless film style. Cinematic wedding videos require state of the art film making equipment, such as lighting kits and shot stabilizers, as well as expert editing to produce a movie theater-worthy work of art.
Following a documentary-style format, the journalistic style captures the wedding day as it happens,in chronological order. A Wedding Videographer who follows this style will typically stay in the background and shoot events as they happen, allowing them to unfold naturally.
Behind the Scences
From shots of both of you getting ready to the trip between ceremony and wedding, including snippets of these situations creates a continuity between the time you arrive at the venue to the time you and your new spouse whisk away as husband and wife.
Whether with family and friends or you and your future spouse, interviews can work as voice overs in a cinematic movie or as a part of a documentary-style video. While getting married is obviously about making a lifelong commitment, it’s also about making that commitment in front of family and friends, and hearing them tell stories about you as a person, or you both as a couple, decades from now will only add to the overall memory that the wedding video allows you to conjure.

Lipdubs – New trend

This style is a play on the words “marriage” and “karaoke” with the end result being a music video-esque celebration of the day. iMoments wedding videographers film the couple and guests lip syncing to a particular song throughout the reception. The majority of the work takes place in the editing room, where the our editors compiles the footage and edits it to become a mock music video.

Now all you have to do is decide on style. So, make a date with your sweetie, kick your heels off, our a little bubbly, relax and enjoy!

One of the best things about working with iMoments as your Wedding Videographer is that we are also one of the best Wedding Photography teams in the India. When you have both your photography and video coming from one creative team, the results are incredible! Because we work full-time together, we compliment each other perfectly; never getting in the way of each-others shots or having a creative discrepancy. This is not only great for your video and photos, but also for your stress level on and before the wedding day. Not only this, but the production value that we bring to each art form lifts the other up. All of our photography lighting only makes our videos better, and all of our video setups only make our photography better.